Music that listens to you.

Press play on emotional intelligence.
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New music.

Harnessing the building blocks of music, emotion and interaction design, Pop Psych composes the perfect soundtrack based on your current feelings.

New tech.

It's personalised music meets personalised wellbeing. Think Spotify meets Headspace, with the impermanence of Snapchat. Music has never sounded better.

New dawn.

For centuries, humans have sought to regulate their emotions through the use of music. Now, with Pop Psych, get ready for music that listens to you.

Who we are.

With over 30 years of combined music industry experience, we're passionate about the fusion of art and science.

Nathan Jones

PhD Candidate, Psychology

Nathan is a creative communicator who researches the impact of music on emotion. Having shared his results at some of the world's most respected scientific conferences, he's ready to help others feel the music.
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Sam Lilburn

Bachelor of Music, Sonic Arts

Sam is a renowned electronic musician and producer, and has taken some of the biggest stages in the country. With a background in music education and sound engineering, he knows how to turn music into magic.
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